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From the Centre de Titelles de Lleida (Puppet Art Centre of Lleida), we send you the announcement for the 30th Puppet Theatre Fair of Lleida, which will take place May 3rd, 4th and 5th 2019.




The main objective of our Festival is to create a suitable framework for the presentation of puppet, objects and visual theatre shows, as well as being a point of meeting for the Scenic Arts professionals, creators and programmers, in order to promote the popularization of this kind of art and develop its market. This is an annual event and we want to encourage you to join us.

The guideline for the selection of the participating companies will be the same as in past editions: artistic quality, innovation, actuality of the show and its suitability in the schedule of the Festival.

We ask you to read the conditions for participation in our Festival, because the presentation of proposals means that you accept them.




Professional companies interested in submit a proposal for participation in the official programme of the Puppet Fair of Lleida, should send an e-mail to, with the following documents:
  • Application form
  • Addendum 1 - Copyright document, duly signed.
  • Recording with the whole show in a Youtube or Vimeo link
  • 4 digital photos - Hight qualitiy (minimum 1MB)

The presentation of the inscription means the acceptation of the Fair conditions.



Economic conditions
The companies that take part in the official programme will receive an amount of €600 + VAT for one or two performances depending on its suitability in the schedule.

Accommodation and meals
The Fair will accommodate the theatre company according to the schedule of their performances. In any case, accommodation provided by the fair will be in shared rooms in hotel establishments established by the fair.

The fair will provide breakfast and lunch of the selected companies, depending on the hours and days of action.

For these purposes the fair will count as members of a company, the number of actors involved in the show, the technical team and a Distributor/Agent, in the event that the company has it.

Technical conditions
The fair will provide a stage manager during all the hours and days that the company remains in the performance space and that will help the company in loading and unloading tasks and in everything that the company need and necessary to carry out the performance

The company submits the technical card and once agreed with the fair, this will suit (if necessary) technically the space selected for the show which is scheduled. The company will provide microphones, filters, musical instruments and other materials inherent to the show or its scenery,

When the company submits proposals means that it is available for the three days of the Fair.
If it is a selected company, will be agreed the day or specific days of the performances.

Image and media rights
The fair recognizes image and media rights of the show, but attending the promotional character of the Puppet Fair, the fair reserves the right to use the material provided by the company for promotional purposes, present or future, of the fair of Puppets of Lleida.

Copyright document
It is necessary to submit the copyright document with the registration. It is necessary to fill in and sign as many documents as shows are submitted and as many authors as the show has. It is also necessary to fill in the documents for the music of the show.

Awards of the Fair
The Fair organizes the DRAC D'OR AWARDS. The participating companies aim for this awards, according to the criterion of the organization:

  • Premios Drac d'Or of Fira de Titelles
  • Premio Drac d'Or International Festivals
  • Premio Drac d'Or de las Autonomías
  • Premio Drac d'Or to the best child/familiar show
  • Premio Drac d'Or to the best street performance
  • Premio Drac d'Or of child jury

The Fair reserves the right to create new categories of the awards.


Resolution of the selection
The fair will contact all companies, so if you have been selected as if not, at the latest 28 February 2019. Even this, after this date, if you don't receive news will mean that you are not selected



We keep waiting for your proposals!
Fira de Titelles de Lleida