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History of the Fair

The Puppet Fair began its life in May 1990 inspired and organised by the Puppet Centre of Lleida and sponsored by the city council.

Since its beginning, the main purpose of the Fair has been to become a market platform for professional puppeteers which promotes artistic diffusion without minimising the importance of the festive value that entails the presence of the public in the shows.



The first edition was devoted exclusively to the puppet theatre in Catalan; the second edition opened its doors to the Spanish communities and the third one widen the program to an international level.

Since then, step by step the Fair has developed a place in the puppetry market, it has benefited from the improvements of the theatrical infrastructure of the city and it has increased the amount of participants and its artistic quality.

The Fair has gadually evolved due to the attendance of the numerous professional promoters in the field (over 300) currently from national and international origins and due to the festive framework that the city lives these days.

Nowadays, the Fair  performances in the open air and indoor stages to the same extent. The number of companies scheduled in every fair is about 20 to 30, with the performance of 100 public sessions and the presence of nearly 300 programmers.

In all of these more than 579 companies have performed at the Fair; 149 of them foreign adding up to a total of 1.272 public sessions. In the 30th edition, we will have 31 companies, 33 shows and 127 performances.

Lleida´s atmosphere is ideal for a meeting and contact point between companies and programmers. On the one hand the Fair becomes a service for Lleida citizens and professionals from the field. This service proven successful wide evidence of the amount of public that attended the shows, 40.000 spectators, in the last edition of the Fair.



Supporting the Fair, diverse events and parallel activities are organized like exhibitions, artistic diffusion, exchange of ideas and also puppet exhibition in shop windows.

On the other hand different juries such as personalities in the culture and theatre field set up for diverse national and international.

Simultaneously to the Puppet Fair, the Puppet Centre has created a Scenic Arts Book Fair as a place to exhibit and sell puppetry publications in relation to the world of scenic arts and the Puppet Craft fair.