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About the Fair

Every first weekend in May, the annual Puppet Fair is held in Lleida. It is organised by the Centre de Titelles of Lleida and sponsored by the city council. Once again, the fantastic world of puppets will flood the streets, squares and theatres of the city. Lleida becomes the capital of puppets filling the streets with children, family and adult shows in every corner of the city.

Since its beginnings, its purpose has been to become a market platform for professional puppeteers and at the same time to promote artistic diffusion without minimising the importance of the festive value, which entails the presence of the public in the shows.

The Fair embraces an average of twenty companies and it benefits from over 300 professionals in attendance from the puppet business.

Lleida turns into a meeting point for companies and producers. The Fair though, represents a service for the public of Lleida and for professionals in the puppet's field.  

Throughout the last 29 years, nearly 579 companies (149 international) have participated in this announcement and more than 1,272 public sessions have been carried out. 

In addition, supporting the Fair, different events and parallel activities are organised such as Scenic Arts Book Fair and diverse exhibitions. A space of reflection and exchange of ideas is created. Furthermore, puppet workshops for the youngest members of the family take place with the purpose of awakening their interest as well as popular participation.