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Espectacles de la fira
Familiar / Without words / 35 minuts

The endearing humour of everyday life. Three people from different generations meet at a bus stop. We could call them "Past", "Present" and "Future". While they wait for the bus, conflicts arise. In the end, however, their disputes are resolved with grandiose ingenuity.

Juvenile / Without words / 55 minuts

Masks, puppets and animated films and videos create a sequence of visual worlds that come to life at the heart of nature. In a landscape of forest and water, a woman meets her many inner selves at different ages. In these multiple sketches, both scale and materials vary. Nomad Soul is inspired by Indigenous spiritualities, where the quest for consciousness is the very essence of life. The character's dreamlike journey follows the paths of the great wolf-guide and the raven-conscience spirits, totemic symbols that accompany her on a breathtaking journey to the heart of the intimate Self.

Familiar / Without words / 35 minuts

A meteorite has crashed into the street. The specialist team makes a first approach but unexpected things start to happen. A show of humor in which we face how we relate to the unknown. It combines gestural theater and puppets with a surprising impact in the public space.


A2MANOS - Azul
Familiar / Spanish / 15 minuts

Azul tells the story of a man who lost the ability to cry. The pieces of a tangram help him express his structured existence. An intimate and figurative universe under the triangular dome of La Carpa de A2manos.

PIKZPALACE - BoucherieBacul
Familiar / Catalan,English,Spanish / 30 minuts

Boucherie Bacul is an old-fashioned butchery market booth within and around which nothing is what it seems. The strange Belgian Butchers of this wondrous market sell their morbid but above all insane merchandise to the passers-by. However, to do so they use very strange techniques. The Bacul family prepare their tasty cuts... but there is not a joint of meat in sight.

EL PATIO TEATRO - Conservando memoria
Juvenile / Spanish / 45 minuts

KEEP. From the Latin conservāre.
Composed by the prefix con, of cum and seKrvāre which means to put in a safe place. Maintain or take care of the permanence or integrity of something or someone. Keep someone alive and harmless. Continue the practice of habits and customs. Save something carefully. Preserve a food in a suitable medium. A game of questions to my grandparents, my desire to keep them with me, my personal pirouette to avoid absence, my homage to four important people in my life, my desire to preserve his memory, to dull it..

THÉÂTRE JALEO - EDEN - Cabaret para un danzarín, nueve títeres y siete pecados
Familiar / Spanish / 50 minuts

7... as the 7 mortal sins ... Who among you is able to quote them all? From one audience to another; nobody ... always missing one or two. Therefore, I remind you: pride, greed, gluttony, anger, envy, laziness and lust. 7 sins as 7 small stories that follow each other, without transition, without relation between them, except, perhaps, that each one carries inside the will to speak to you ... of you! Like a wonderful and small cabaret of the dark part that we all have. Welcome to EDEN!.

ZERO EN CONDUCTA - Eh man hé, la mecánica del alma
Juvenile / Spanish / 60 minuts

Nolan is a puppet and his life has no meaning without his puppeteers, but it is in the moments in which they make him live that he poses: Where is my will? Are my emotions real? How could I breathe on my own?

The mechanics of the soul is a spectacle of physical theatre, dance, mime and manipulation of puppets, showing the complexity of the small, that breathing is not just taking a breath and that the soul of the puppets is not so different from that of the people.

SIENTA LA CABEZA - El Diván de la Perruquera
Juvenile / Catalan,English,Spanish / 40 minuts

The Divan is an interactive installation performance, which invites you to make a new viewpoint of oneself and others. An enchanted place, where time stops, external views become internal and fantasy meets with reality.  A place where looks are relative and the mirror becomes your ally.

GALIOT TEATRE - El Drac Manelic
Familiar / Catalan / 60 minuts

A troubadour, a forest and a cave. The night comes; he hears a noise and finally manages to charge the beast. He arrives in the village with his old carriage. If you see him, approach and open one of their windows. However, do not look it in the eyes he can...