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Espectacles de la fira
COMPAGNIA LA FABIOLA - Attenti a quei due
Familiar / Without words / 35 minuts

The stars of the show are GIULIO the dog and FABIOLA, a little girl. They are two marionette that interact with the audience in a surprising natural way, breaking the thin wall that exist between reality and fiction - amazing, surprising, practically alive. 


THÉÂTRE MU - Bidouille Ex Machina
Familiar / Spanish / 40 minuts

A genius hacker tinkers with machines. Fallen in love, he tries to conquer his beauty and hide what he dares not reveal. Devoid of legs, the repairperson embarks on the construction of mechanical legs to erase his handicap .


Juvenile / Without words / 60 minuts

Guillem Albà tells us, alone and without words, such a complex and daily fact: haste. With the clown and through the titles, the gesture, the shadows or the music, making us question the day to day and the vital journey itself. CALM! is pure Guillem Albà. His wild clown is present, his poetry is not lacking and his optimistic and vital message will eventually become cathartic. 


Familiar / Without words / 60 minuts

Being free, many times, does not consist in breaking the bonds but in living with them. while we try, life repeats itself in an echo that echoes in the walls of heads and hearts. This is the recurring nightmare of two comedians caught on stage. A dance of visual metaphors where the tangle that has been weaving their relationship is exposed. 


PIZZICATTO TEATRO - El Caballero sin caballo
Familiar / Spanish / 50 minuts

A long time ago, in a magical age full of mysterious beings and enchanted castles, a troubadour sang this story. This unique character, in his wandering way, lived fantastic adventures and his most precious dream and rescued a beautiful princess from the sinister claws of the evil Warlock. 


Familiar / Without words / 50 minuts

LaBú Teatre invites you to feel, to get excited, to lose yourself... Through the movement, two actors create visual paintings suspended in an indefinite, vulnerable and possible space. A poetic spectacle for all audiences that will lead the spectator to a state of lightness and freedom. A reflection, from a poetic point of view, of human fragility. Where do we go when we fall off the tightrope of life? How is this fragility within us? 


XIP XAP - Hamelí
Childish / Catalan-Spanish / 50 minuts

Hamelí, the mysterious misfortune of an idyllic village infected with rats. Only in our story, rats do not come from outside, rats have always been there! 

DAVID ESPINOSA - Historia Universal
Juvenile / Without words / 60 minuts

Continuing with the experimentation with the object as a narrative element, he tries to theatricalize universal history from his particular perspective, generating an audio-visual journey through some of the events that constitute the development of humanity. A unique kind of history, a brief and unfinished story, through the manipulation of objects, choreographic action and the projection of shadows.  


CIE. LIVSMEDLET - Invisible Lands
Juvenile / Without words / 55 minuts

Flocks of people walking on the hill of a bent back. A family lost in a mountain of knees, hunted down by a helicopter the size of a matchbox. A makeshift boat, swayed on a blue painted belly... With "Invisible Lands", Swedish choreographer Sandrina Lindgren and Israeli puppeteer Ishmael Falke play on the scale between their bodies and miniature figures to question the media treatment of the migrant´s drama.


Familiar / Catalan-Spanish / 20 minuts


Whales, however small, are large, very large and difficult to find on the mainland. However, there is a force capable of making them emerge from the seabed. The (little) Moby Dick has fallen in love and has embarked on a mysterious continental journey to find the person who left "the most beautiful love letter in the world", inside a bottle. Nevertheless, how to find it...? the whale does not imagine that, perhaps, what she craves is closer than she thinks.