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Espectacles de la fira
ONÍRICA MECÁNICA - Alicia y las ciudades invisibles
Adult / Without words / 50 minuts

Alice and the Invisible Cities is a version of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll. A scenic, initiatory and imaginary journey where all that we leave behind when we become great and the mystery disappears...


DI FILIPPO MARIONETTE - Appeso ad un Filo (Hanging by a thread)
Familiar / Without words / 30 minuts

A puppet show full of simplicity and poetry. It involves you, it moves you and it amuses you. The puppets are alive; alive in the sense of being able to convey emotions.
Light like the flight of a feather, strong as the heartbeat on a pillow.

Juvenile / Without words / 10 minuts

A hilarious, absurd triptych where there are spectacular happenings and unexpected developments. It is a metaphorical performance about extremities. About high and low, hope and anxiety, illusion and the delusion of religious belief. Which God defines your destiny?


Childish / Without words / 40 minuts

A small piece appears from a tangle of ropes, comes out of the intertwined skein, begins to come alive and goes in search of other pieces. Through their games and their disputes, it will appear images of everyday life, holidays and dreams. Together, suddenly, they form characters that come to life briefly before being transformed again, in a blink of an eye.
With tenderness and humour, they reflect family life and human relationships, formed by the lines drawn by the ropes.


Adult / Catalan-Spanish / 45 minuts

Two viewers sit in front of the house, they put the headphones and the show begins. A mixture of real stories about memory, love, fragility and the body, along with the instructions, will lead viewers to a unique and particular experience. A vindication of privacy, where reality and fiction, people and characters, audiences and interpreters, secret and exhibition are interspersed.
Three different experiences for two spectators each with the real voice of different women from Barcelona and Mallorca, films that will be completed in the minds of each spectator as a unique story, which is the one of each one.


Childish / Spanish / 50 minuts

They play with poems and songs by consecrated poets such as Federico García Lorca, León Felipe, Rafael Alberti, Gloria Fuertes and Vainica Doble. Texts that may not be fit for the smallest but they are. Ah! Chorpatélico! It's what Lorca said to a funny boy who once found himself on the street.

PICKLED IMAGE - Coulrophobia
Juvenile / English / 75 minuts

Dik and Adam are Clowns! They couldn't fight their way put of a paper bag let alone a surreal cardboard world. Why are they there and what are they supposed to be doing? They know something sinister is afoot and they need to get put before it's too late. Join them on a ridiculous, anarchic, often hysterical and sometimes terrifying quest for freedom.


ALAUDA TEATRO - Cristóbal Purchinela
Familiar / Spanish / 50 minuts

Cristóbal Purchinela confronts, with much irony and humour to the powerful - the daily ghosts that haunt us and intimidate us - and the enigmas that trap us whatever their condition and causes the frank laughter of the child and the accomplice smile of those who discover something else.

TEATRO GIOCO VITA - El cielo de los osos
Childish / Spanish / 50 minuts

El cielo de los osos is made up of two stories. The first one tells us about a bear that thinks about how wonderful it would be to be a dad. The second one tells us of a bear, that is very sad about the death of his grandfather. A show that deals with deep themes with sensitivity, tact and delicacy.


A2MANOS - El Cruce (Hall Format)
Juvenile / Without words / 45 minuts

An original scenic propposal about courage with original live music. Jury Prize at the 2017 Estrena't, El Cruce is a gestural show manipulating the pieces of a tangram game. It tells the story of a crossing that seems to have no way out. With Joe Smith, drums, Dani Pérez, guitar and Juan de Diego, composition and trumpet.