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Jaume Barrull

Narrator, not swimmer. I was amateur of reading biographies, but sport and coherence, are overrated costumes. I explain histories, some are real, and the other can be real. I don't know if I do all I can do, I only think that contradictions will never do us free.

TW @jaume_barrull

IG @jaume_barrull



Oriol Martí

Director of Culture at the city council of Tarrega.

I can pass the afternoon speaking about books, cats, cinema, music and basket. I like running in roads. I live on a horse between humanism and socialism. I observe plants. I hate noise. I walk quiet. I love arts. Çthe objects in life, make us ingenuous persons in a world of clever people. Social networks, in decline, train me.

TW @quissir

IG @quissir


Pau San Martin


Sailor of fresh water, music, lover of Law, lover of photography and good novels. Tweeter at part-time. In love with cinema and defense of Catalan gastronomy. I prefear an enthusiasm error than the indeference of wisdom.


IG @Pausanmartin_


Anna Sàez

I am journalist. More or less. I had studied filology, but it is an office of crazy people, it catch me. I work in el Segre. Those that had been unemployment we know that the importance of these sentence is the verbal syntagma. I have an easy yes, and I colabore with differents media and cultural organizations. A lot of memory in my compact disc. I collect memories. When I was a child, I collected empty plastic bottles. Maybe it is that everyone were a puppeteer inside.

TW @lukanora

IG @lukanora


Antonieta Jarne



I work as a historian in Universitat de Lleida. I have two objective: I question me everything which is presented like a natural, and I go against the opinion of John Lennon, when he said that the life is that that passes while you are occupated doing another plans.

TW @AntonietaJarne

IG @jarnemodol


Txe Arana


Comunicative. Actress.

Presenter. Coach.

30 years of experience as a comunicative and actress theatre, dubbing, television, radio, press and cultural comunicative.

IG: @txearana

TW: @txearana