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OFF Schedule

In addition to the official program formed by the selected companies, for the second time, the Puppets Fair will offer an OFF program that will add to the performances, complementing the offer of performances. This year, the companies that are part of the OFF are Grib / Fadunito, Instantripia and El Sidral.



GRIB / FADUNITO with the show Music Box - Catalonia (Spain)

  • Saturday 5th May, 12h and  18.15 h at the Pl. Paeria
  • Sunday 6th May, 11h and 17.30h at thePl. Catedral

The public inspires aongs, and has one for each one of you. A curious character wants to fix a giant music box... but it just comes out. Between all we will put a little imagination and the music will sound again! Show for all audiences, gestural humour and manipulation of objects that invites us to play with fantasy.


EL SIDRAL with the show Heliko  - Catalonia (Spain)

  • Friday 4th May, 21.45h, at the Plaça Esteve Cuito
  • Saturday 5th May, 11.30h and 18h Itinernt between Av. Blondel and Almodí Vell

A family arrives with their house on their backs, transported by their snail Heliko, looking for a place to stay. While they are doing it they will learn things about the residents of the town where they are and at the same time we'll see their  daily life, a little different from ours.


INSTANTROPIA with the show Memoria envasada al buit - Catalonia (Spain)

  • Friday 4th May, 20h at the l'Església Sant Martí
  • Sunday 6th May, 11h, 13h and 18.15h at the l'Església Sant Martí 

Memory is a fragile space. When the memories are lost without remedy, someone is willing to devise a system so that the definitive loss does not take place. He is one of the characters in our story and he has decided to keep the memories of his beloved. If we cannot keep the memories so that we do not vacuum-pack them?