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Ticket Sales

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  1. Make your booking by pone or directly at Centre de Titelles. Collect the tickets in our office sor directly at the ticket office of the space of performance one hour before it begins.
  2. Booking tickets must be collected at most, 30 minutes before the performance begins. If they have not been collected, they will go on sale without notice
  3. When the booking is done, we only accept the return of, at least, two tickets of the same show. This return can be only done at the offices of the Fair, and before one hour of the begining of the show.  
  4. You can not do bookins by email.
  5. You have to pay in cash, at the moment you collect your tickets.
  6. When you collect your reserved tickets, you have to pay all reserved locations.
  7. When you pay the tickets they can not be returned.
  8. All the tickets are for sale with anticipation. The organisation do not garantise that will be available tickets at the ticket office.
  9. Children who have 1 year or more, have to pay ticket.
  10. At the performances in Cafè del Teatre, the minors have to go with an adult.




Anticipated sale and anticipated reserve

Days: from the 21 April to 3 may, except afternoons of 24, 25 and 26 April.

Schedule: from 9am to 3pm and from 7pm to 6.30pm

Phone number: 973 275 471

Place: Centre de Titelles de Lleida (Pl. Hort de Santa Teresa, 1)


Anticipated sale and anticipated bookings during the Fair

Schedule: from 9 to 20 h

Phone number: 973 275 471

Place: Centre de Titelles de Lleida. One hour before the beginning of the show, at the ticket office of the place that the show will take place.



There are different organizations that have special conditions accorded with the Fair.

Discounts are not accumulative.

You must accredited the discount with the corresponding card and identity card.


Amics de la Fira (Friends of the Fair)

Anticipated reserve from 1st to 15th April at Centre de Titelles.

For the inaugural show, only one free ticket for each card.

Tickets at 50% of discount (one ticket for each card and show).

You can reserve a maximum of 4 tickets for each card and show.

Become a member before the beginning of the Fair, and enjoy the discounts!


Groups with discount

Anticipated reserve from 1st to 15th April at Centre de Titelles.


Numerous family

From 21st to 30th April, reserve or buy your tickets.

1€ of discount for ticket for each member of the family.

The discount will not apply at the ticket office of the theatre the show take place.


Club Super3

Free ticket, you have to collect it at the ticket office of the theatre the show trake place.

One ticket for each card.

You can not do anticipated reserve of that tickets.


Bank of blood

Discount of 15% for one ticket.

Make your donation from 15th to 30th April, at Bank of Bloof of Hospital Arnau de Vilanova or during the Fair at the bus of Avinguda Blondel (Saturday from 11am to 14 pm and from 17pm to 20pm).


Food Bank - Shows at the patio of IEI

Free acces, if you contribute with two bags of ffod for each family (legumes, milk, tinned fish...)

Limited capacity.


Limited access shows

At these shows: La caixeta, PUCK i la seva troupe, La sirena hidràulica i Un teatre al jardí

Programers will have preference.

Limited capacity.









The purchasing of free tickets with the Club Super3 card can only be done directly in the ticket offices where the shows are held.